Are you ready to learn the secret to finding shorts that are soft, stretchy, and #ContainTheCooch? {Yeah, we went there!} Brought to you by a 30-something year old Mama of two, who was tired of only having the options of tiny Daisy Dukes or knee length Bermudas. Each year, we take the job of bringing you the BEST shorts on the market super seriously. And this year is no exception. Each style was handpicked by our owner, Becky, and put to the ultimate test. Comfort, stretch, an inseam long enough to contain all the unmentionables and most of all, styles that will make you feel cute and hella confident!

 We would like to take a few minutes to give you a preview of available options and chat size, style and fit. Our shorts have a history of selling out quickly - Get a plan in place ahead of time and be ready to fill your cart as soon as these styles go live on Thursday, 3.30.2023, at 8pm CST.

Key Terms

Inseam: Also known as length! The inseam is the distance from the base of your zipper (or crotch) to the bottom of your leg opening.

  • 1-3" Inseam: Short Shorts 
  • 3-6" Inseam: Midi Shorts - This is where almost all of our styles fall! 
  • 10"+ Inseam: Bermuda Shorts
Rise: This is the distance from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the crotch seam. Rise will be slightly different on everyone because of differing torso lengths. As a rule of thumb though, low-rise will typically sit 2" or more below the navel (belly button), mid-rise typically sit just below the navel and high-rise typically sit at or above the navel.
  • Low-Rise: 7-8"
  • Medium-Rise: 9-11"
  • High-Rise: 10+

Model Info: 

  • Peyton is 5'10", 125lbs, wears size 26 or 27 bottoms and wore her true size small. 
  • Amy is 5'5", 140lbs, wears size 27 or 28 bottoms and wore her true size medium. 
  • Tif is 5'4", 190lbs, wears size 31 bottoms and sized up to the x-large.

Nashville Denim Shorts $42
Wash: Medium & Dark
Rise: 10.75" {Mid to High Rise}

Inseam: 3.5"


Memphis Denim Shorts $42
Rise: 10" {Mid to High Rise}
Inseam: 3.5"

Knoxville Denim Shorts $42
Rise: 9.75" {Mid-Rise}
Inseam: 3.75"


Bristol Denim Shorts $48
Rise: 11" {High-Rise}
Inseam: 4"

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