Many of you have grown to know and love this cute face! Shhmephanie Angela is not only one of our models but has been a long time friend and customer.

I'm sharing her story (with permission). Because I want her to know there is a whole tribe of women who see her for so much more than just her appearance. With the traumatic family history of losing her own mom to breast cancer at a young age and her experiencing multiple scares over this past year, Steph will be undergoing a double mastectomy this week. Please keep her and her family in your thoughts. 💙

We will be selling an exclusive Steph Shirt that reads "Tomorrow needs you" - because seriously, how fitting for this amazing mama?! $10 from each shirt will be given to Steph. We asked to share her story - but didn't tell her about this part - because we weren't going to give her the chance to say no. We want her to have some extra cash for grocery delivery, take out, whatever her and her family need to make these next few weeks a little easier.

Steph is truly one of the most selfless humans and always the first to step up when anyone needs help. Thank you for helping us wrap her up with love and support during this time.

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