About Us



Hello gorgeous and thanks for visiting! I started Simply Styled {formerly Fit For A Princess} in November of 2010. I had ZERO intentions of starting a business, but apparently God had other plans for my life. What started as a fundraiser selling tutus and bows quickly evolved into a side hustle. I re-branded and re-named that "side hustle" in 2018 as the demand for women's wear continued to grow. Since shifting focus to the boutique side of things, Simply Styled has grown faster than ever before.

This business has turned into so much more than just a boutique. It is helping women feel confident in their own skin. It is reassuring my now 30-something year old friends that despite having babies, they are every bit as beautiful (if not more) than before. It is helping my customers love their bodies and the skin they are. It is encouraging the ladies I love to wear the damn shorts, despite them worrying about their "spider veins and cellulite".

If you follow Simply Styled on social media you will quickly see that I am anything but perfect. When I originally launched this business, I tried so hard to always keep things extremely professional and strictly business. I tried...and I failed. And quite frankly, it sucked. So if you are searching for the "perfect" boutique, this isn't for you. But if you are looking to snag some cool clothes from a small business owner who doesn't always have her shit together, this just might be it.

​I am forever thankful for the friends I have met along the way and the ever growing Simply Styled "girl gang". Without you, I wouldn't get to be living my dream. And for that, I thank you. XoXo, Becky