Big or small - let's chat bralettes for them all! 

When I opened our first store front back in 2019, I knew I needed to solve the problem so many women faced. What product could help us avoid bra straps hanging out, clasps pinching our back, and underwire digging in? I knew there had to be a better option than a nude colored strapless bra....and I was on a mission to find it. That mission led me to the beloved bralette!

What the heck is a bralette?
It's like a bra...only better! A bralette is typically soft and lightweight, has no underwire or clasps, thin removable pads and features less structure than a regular bra. While they are designed for comfort they are an absolute game changer in the fashion world!

How do they fit?
Bralettes are built to be fashionable and comfortable. Due to this design, they don't offer a ton of lift, shape or support. However, they can easily be layered over your favorite "normal bra" if you need help keeping the girls up and in the right place.

How do I wear them?
The possibilities are truly endless! Layer one under your favorite graphic tank for a pop of color. Add some spice by pairing it with a basic cami. They also look incredible paired with low back sweaters or open back tees. If you're feeling edgy, you can even wear them alone, as your top. The list goes on and on.

Here are the three main styles of bralettes we carry along with a ton of style inspo on how wear them. 

1. Strappy Bralettes: This includes our Ava and Lily bralettes. Made of nylon and spandex, they have a ton of stretch, are lightweight and breathable, and super comfortable for all day wear. This style is perfect for your more casual pieces like basic scoop or v-neck tanks or even a training bra for your tween or teen. This is the least supportive option of the three. While our bustier gals love this style, they often remove the pads and layer them over a regular bra for additional support. 

2. Crochet Bralettes: These bralettes have more of a lace/crochet detail and are dressier than our strappy bralettes. Don't let looks fool you either...they are incredibly lightweight, stretchy, and comfortable! Give any tank, sweater or top a little extra flair when you add one of these little baddies to the mix. This style still offers great stretch, however, it is more supportive than the strappy bralettes. 

3. Bramis: This is a newer concept and simply means a bralette/cami. These bralettes are typically a little thicker, a little longer, and can easily be worn alone or layered. These are perfect under overalls or jumpsuits or as a more fitted top. Tight fitting with built in removable cups, this option is a little more structured and supportive than the strappy bralettes. 

If you ever need recommendations on help styling your bralettes, please let us know! We are here to help. To shop our bralettes & bramis, click here

And just in case you're wondering how the girls feel (aka our trusty mannequins). Linda (left) likes her bralettes strappy, Betty (middle) prefers the crochet style, and Ivanna (right) is a brami kinda gal!

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